Delivering sustainable health & wellbeing solutions for organisations with remote workforce

An innovative 24/7 wellness platform delivering relevant content with activity based metrics.

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Our Mission is to support Organisations with Remote Workforces reduce the risks associated with mental health.

The benefits of our Wellness Platform, Wellbeing Express includes activity based analytics measuring employees wellbeing against 6 key categories (Work, Body, Fuel, Fitness, Mindset and Connections). Through a personalised dashboard and library of online resources, end users have an an array of tools to establish and maintain a healthy balance – in ALL aspects of life. Wellbeing Express is a great tool for organisations seeking solutions which retain staff & attract talent, improve engagement and productivity, and reduce absenteeism which ultimately reduces costs and creates a happy loyal workforce.

As a strategy to enhance employee health and wellbeing, Distance Assistance helps organisations establish a culture of wellness, placing them at the forefront of becoming a best employer.

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Be a Leader

Take the initiative to proactively develop an innovative mental health strategy with positive attributes towards the family unit, communication, well-being and good health.
Improve Retention!

Provide a Realistic Lifestyle Preview

Distance Assistance aims to provide applicants and their families with a holistic picture of the true remote working lifestyle to ensure recruits and their families are prepared for the changes.

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Our Talent Team

The Distance Assistance team combines a range of health professionals and lifestyle experts to deliver support and information for Remote Workers and their Support Network. The information and support services provided by our team aim to enhance the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing through the adoption of healthy behaviours right from the start, during the onboarding process. As a result improving workplace culture; employee engagement and retention.

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Transformational Life Coach
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What We Do

We connect industry experts and organisations to create products/services which foster a sense of well-being for clients employees, with a view to develop high levels of loyalty, low levels of attrition and maximum productivity.

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How It’s Done

At scale our platform provides clients with a dashboard to accurately measure the wellbeing of their workforce with Wellbeing Express.

This is achieved through:

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We love to listen and we are eager to work with more clients in creating positive perceptions of employer honesty in the recruitment process.