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Welcome to Distance Assistance

Our Aim is to Prepare Families when Divided by Distance Employment

Distance Assistance offers an online wellness platform designed to enhance the emotional, mental and physical well-being of remote employees and their immediate family. The health intervention content connects end users with industry subject matters, collaborating with the intent of improving the FIFO / DIDO/ BIBO experience, so they can grow and thrive individually and as a family unit.

Our Philosophy

We believe that many companies fail to recognise the opportunity to connect with employees’ families, after all, they are the biggest support network for employees. Including the family in the recruitment and induction process helps all parties obtain realistic lifestyle expectations.

Our Purpose

Distance Assistance supports new recruits and their families transition into the Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) lifestyle by providing them with resources to better prepare them physically, mentally, emotionally and financially for the journey ahead.

About Us

Increase Productivity & Staff Retention Rates of Remote Workforce

Distance Assistance aims to increase productivity and staff retention rates through our Realistic Lifestyle Program (RLP). We want to help employers and their staff reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other symptoms that negatively impact the working environment and business strategic priorities.

We understand selecting and retaining great employees is a key focus so the team at Distance Assistance works with clients to create a tailored RLP that reflects their organisation’s views. Our program provides industry insights and practical tips to both the employee and their family unit, plus advice on how to implement techniques on how to build relationships and manage stress  so they can thrive in a lifestyle where they are divided by distance.

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How can our Distance Assistance specialists help your staff ?

We work with industry experts and organisations to create a support network which fosters a sense of:

– well-being amongst employees,

– develop high levels of loyalty and low levels of attrition; and

– maximise productivity.

We work with our clients to proactively implement mental health strategies to support their FIFO workers, starting with supporting their biggest safety net, their family.
If you believe your staff would benefit from the support of Distance Assistance, please contact us..