Are You Ready to Take Your Selection Process to The Next Level?

Providing a virtual tour to potential employees is a fraction of the cost and has far greater reach then flying individuals to site. With a smartphone and headset, anyone can access an immersive, true-to-life experience of camp, no matter where they are based..

Camp Site Tours

Candidates can have a guided tour, pointing out specifics of a camps amenities or standout features through audio commentary.

Outdoor Options

Highlight the outdoor facilities available, demonstrating a commitment to providing a balance between work and lifestyle.


Allow candidates to view a ‘donga’ and how it has been designed to maximise peace and privacy.

Mess Hall

Immersively experience how the halls provide a comfortable and homely environment in which to enjoy fantastic food and the company of workmates.

Onsite Facilitites

Tour what recreation amenities are available such as swimming pools, gyms, sporting courts and games rooms.

Communicate with Stakeholders

Raise the ante in your visual presentations when communicating with stakeholders/clients and documenting projects.

Get a real ‘feel’ for the space

Candidates engage with camp life in their own time and at their own pace.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a virtual tour is worth a thousand photos to help potential employees virtually tour your camp.
By capturing camp life and transporting into an easily accessible digital format, human resource professionals can present a realistic lifestyle preview to candidates. A virtual tour can help communicate the important aspects of the site prior to offering a position, helping applicants to weigh such information against their own preferences.

Exercise for mental health, Workplace wellbeing initiatives

Our 3D walkthroughs are accessible from anywhere, distance is no barrier.

Let Distance Assistance capture your site and create fluid and immersive content that will engage your candidates.

Virtual Reality is not the future – it’s here now. Users can experience tours of remote locations, not previously available during the selection process through VR cardboards headsets and/or desktop options. Distance Assistance is excited to be shooting on the brand new Matterport PRO 2 camera that shoots at 4K Resolution ensuring our virtual reality tours are of the highest quality. After visiting the site we process the images and data to produce a 3d walkthrough.

To recruit better-fit candidates, be honest and show them what it’s really like to work with you.

Occupational psychology theory has proven the importance of the selection process in developing an effective workforce. Recuriters do their best to make use of information gathered during selection to reasonably make accurate predictions about future performance.

At Distance Assistance we believe this should include leveraging technolgical developments and offering candidates with a realistic job preview and realistic lifestyle preview.

If you believe providing a realistic lifestyle preview will help you recruit and retain the right people, please contact us.

Exercise for mental health, Workplace wellbeing initiatives